The Hidden Danger (Ebook)


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This book is a continuation of “We The People Have Been Poisoned” book & documentary series by American Indian author, publisher & producer Minister Antonio Lorenzo co-founder of STG MINISTRIES OF NORTH AMERICA, a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to community advocacy & spreading awareness about various health, wellness, genocide & ecocide issues active in the United States of America. In this edition of “The Hidden Danger of Coumarin Exposure: The Impact on Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Alternative Medicine” a comprehensive guide is provided to understanding the effects of Coumarin on the body. The book delves into the dangers of Coumarin exposure, particularly in regards to its impact on natural health & well-being. This includes its effects on inflammation, gastrointestinal health, nutrition, fitness & alternative medicine. The book provides a detailed analysis of Coumarin, its sources & the potential harm it can cause. It also offers practical advice on reducing Coumarin exposure & protecting one’s health. This book is an important resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the hidden dangers of Coumarin exposure & take action to protect their health & well-being.