The Lasting Legacy (Ebook)


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This book is a continuation of “We The People Have Been Poisoned” book & documentary series by American Indian author, publisher & producer Minister Antonio Lorenzo co-founder of STG MINISTRIES OF NORTH AMERICA, a faith based non-profit organization dedicated to community advocacy & spreading awareness about various health, wellness, genocide & ecocide issues active in the United States of America. The Lasting Legacy: Understanding the Generational-Transgenerational Effects of Coumarin on Health provides a comprehensive examination of the long-term impacts of Coumarin exposure. This book explores the ways in which coumarin exposure can affect the health of individuals, families & entire communities, both in the short-term & over multiple generations. Drawing on the latest research & expert insights, the author provides a detailed look at the effects of Coumarin on various bodily systems, including the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal system & the reproductive system. The book also delves into the emotional & psychological impacts of Coumarin exposure, including depression, anxiety & other mental health issues. Through a deep understanding of the effects of Coumarin on health, this book aims to raise awareness & promote informed decision-making for those seeking to protect themselves & their loved ones from its harmful impacts.